We offer comprehensive grooming services for our clients and non-clients alike. Our groomers, have many years of grooming experience, and can groom all breeds of dogs and cats. Frequent Grooming Program Our goal for grooming is to encourage our clients to maintain a regular grooming routine. Therefore, we offer a frequent grooming program. In this program, clients who maintain their pets on a regular 6 week grooming regimen will get a generous maintenance incentive discount. Please call us for more details. Our Grooming Philosophy Grooming not only makes you and your pet feel better, but it has definite health benefits. Pets who maintain a regular bathing/grooming cycle will have less skin problems, allergy problems and fleas. This is a definite win/win for both of you! Sedation Policy We do not sedate our grooming patients unless it is absolutely necessary to prevent injury to the pet from excessive movement, or calm aggressive pets. We will not sedate without your permission, and sedated patients are monitored by the Doctor or Veterinary Technician. Vaccination Policy We require that all pets be current on vaccinations at the time of grooming. If not, updates will be done prior to grooming.